We design websites for any business, organisation or individual, incorporating the acute design precision of Alice Designs to achieve the best possible results. Navigation and visual impact are paramount in website construction, a requirement prevelant in this website.

For example, designing websites for primary schools: these need to be especially visual and carefully constructed to include every aspect of a school. This involves working closely with the school’s staff to cover all relevant information required and includes a gallery of children’s work. We also provide a service to fully update the website on a regular basis.


Website design fees are calculated according to size and content. If you liked our website design, go ask Alice for more information.

If you are interested in commissioning a website, you could start to think about its content. Begin by formulating a simple flow-chart of what you want to include in your website (eg a central homepage with other subject pages leading out from it). Think up some titles and gather any relevant information together to get an idea of your website. This will help concentrate your ideas and save time and expense later on.