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Many businesses are eager to increase their brand awareness and as such want to come up with new and innovative ways of doing so.  One way of going about this in a subtle yet striking way is to have a carpet printed with the company message or logo.  This could either be as a carpet for the business premises or for use at exhibitions and trade events where a company is keen to stand out from the crowds. Using the latest in high definition printing technology, digital printing  companies offer their customers the chance to design and print their carpet to suit their own requirements.

timthumb.phpWith ever developing and improving technology, carpets can even be printed with images which look 3D. This carpet produced for Heineken is particularly effective and would certainly be a talking, wouldn’t you agree? And that is where it gets clever, because those customers that have been impressed by this carpet, will come away and no doubt share the story with friends. Word of mouth advertising that has cost Heineken simply the price of the carpet. Brand awareness right there!

It is crucial for the big brands and agencies to keep to high standards and they’re demands for quality are therefore incredibly high. This means that the carpet must be made of the highest quality material and be printed using the most advanced digital equipment. Many digital printing firms will also offer their knowledge and expertise of design to create a bespoke carpet for their clients. Colours must be as bright and accurate as can be and the clarity of any images used must be absolutely crystal clear.  There is no point having a company logo printed onto a carpet if that image is pixelated and cannot be read.

full_0909_ti_1Whilst we are on the subject of clarity, it is also absolutely crucial that the carpet you present to your customers is completely spotless. Any spillages, dust or dirt will detract from the main purpose of the printed carpet.  Images will be less noticeable, logos or wording may be unreadable and it will generally create an untidy sense, which may portray a bad business image. To create the best impression, always make sure you get your carpet professionally cleaned by a company such as Scimitar, who are experts in their field as well as being an Advanced Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, Woolsafe Fibre Care Specialist and are an IICRC Certified firm. You wouldn’t think to greet your customers dressed in scruffy jeans and t-shirt, so in much the same way don’t allow your carpet to greet your customers with dirt and stains.  First impression really do count.

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