Out of my comfort zone – large scale artwork!

Most of my work is centred around creating small scale designs for use on corporate or commerical promotional material, but from time to time I am asked to design posters and exhibition signage, which naturally needs to be on a much larger scale. This type of design has to approached in a different way and any small imperfections become much more noticeable and are also completely inexcusable. I am used to having an eye for detail, but on large scale projects it is essential to continually step back and assess the design from afar.

5m-Large-Format-Solvent-Printer-With-Spt510-Printhead-ZY-SK-5300-I was recently commissioned to produce large scale artwork for a client who was due to exhibit at a big trade show in London. Their requirements were simple;

– eyecatching.

– promote the brand using their logo, stock photos and mission statement.

– promote their products.

– stand out enough to be visible from every aspect of the exhibition hall.

– be colourful, bright, fun and most importantly memorable.

They had supplied me with files, which included copies of their logo, photos, wording etc and asked me to come up with two versions, so that they could use it for future promotional material. I was also asked to design some leaflets, which would tie in with the exhibition artwork and carry the branding throughout. As you can imagine, it was a very big project and one that would take some time, but also one that I could really get my teeth into and would look fantastic for my portfolio.

Round Exhibition Stand from 200m2 webI was really proud of the two designs that I came up with and the client was equally impressed. Printed on high quality photographic paper the artwork was both professional and quirky at the same time. I was also in charge of setting the artwork up on the day of the exhibition as they wanted to ensure that my creative flair was still put to good use. To be honest all I really did was deliver the backdrops and leaflets and then offer some advice as to where I thought they might be best placed.  The stars of the show, other than my beautiful designs of course, were the amazing 200m² . 200m² are one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand contractors and my client had hired them for their show.  Now these guys not only hire out fantastic modular stands to suit every possible requirement you can think of, seriously you’ve got to check out their website http://200m2.co.uk/ for the impressive array of stands, they also set up and pack away the stands for you.  This ensures that both themselves and the client are fully insured against public liability and for any unseen loss or damages to the stands. How great is that? I have never seen a bunch of people take such pride and work so hard on setting up what ended up being the most eye catching stand at the show, even if I do say so myself! The client was over the moon and the stand looked stunning. The criteria had all been met and best of all reports came back from the client that it had been their most successful show to date.

So, yes, designing on a larger scale than I was used to definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but as an artist that is what it should be about.  I thrive on the pressure of having to create something that is different to what I am used to and in actual fact I think it may have been my most enjoyable project so far.

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